Monday, January 31, 2011

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year -  Saturday Jan. 29 - YEAR OF THE RABBIT
After Darby and I came back from getting groceries, we headed over to Tony and Gay's place for a barbie.  The kids played in their pool, while we drank & visited.  Had a delicious lunch/supper of steak, burgers, snags, salads, hot chips and Pavlova for dessert.

swimming, as if you couldn't guess

Feast time

Brody's creation
 Then we drove down to Cairns Esplanade again, this time to take in the Chinese New Years festivities.  We watched the lion dance, a martial arts display, other dances, the Silk Ladies play music and a dragon dance.  Hailey got her face painted and then we walked along the esplanade wharf.
Another full day of fun!

Lion dance

Dancers on stage

Dragon Dance

Year of the Rabbit

bananas Tony picked for us from his back yard


  1. WOW! Australia is full of celebrations!!! I hope there are some winter ones when we are there!!! Are hot chips - French Fries?

  2. You guys are certainly having your fair share of "barbies". Careful you are not all a lot fatter when you get back home - lucky you with all the seafood!
    - Susan -