Saturday, January 29, 2011

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day !- Jan. 26
Started out up the road at Yorkeys Knob for breakfast, playing in the bouncing house, swimming in the Coral Sea, paddling an outrigger canoe, looking at the sand castles that were built for the competition and listening to music. 

waiting for our turn on the outrigger

music stage
 Then we headed to Cairns to the Esplanade for more celebrating.  Brody shot some hoops with the Taipan Basketball team, they jumped and slid in the bouncing castle, made sand pictures in the craft tent, ate snags from the free barbie and swam in the lagoon.  Scott had to watch the THONG THROWING COMPETITION!!  Yes we knew they were flip flops, but just the idea made us smile and drew us over to watch.  The girl in the photo is about to throw her thong!

Thong Throwing competition

Hailey creating with colored sand

Hailey on bouncy slide
 our Aussie Flag tattoos

lagoon fun

 Stopped by Woolies (grocery store) before stopping at Donna's house for supper.  I teach with Donna and she is Brody's teacher.  We had a lovely visit, while the kids swam in her pool.  Ate supper of prawns, chicken, salads, and fruit outside on her patio.   Then checked out the southern hemisphere stars before heading home with a tired car load.


  1. Just at work this mornng sitting at my desk and watching it snow (once again) so am enjoying your "summer" pictures. Laughed at the thong throwing event, conjures up other visions, for sure! Hope Scott enjoyed himself :)

  2. Soooo fun!! The water in the lagoon is such a pretty colour, so clear!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! You should have entered to throw your REAL thong!!! LOL - they would have arrested you for "indecent exposure"!!! LOL Snags are hot dogs right???