Thursday, May 10, 2012

Uniques Animals

Australia has just a few strange and unique animals that we encountered during our year.

One of many snakes

Wombat-they sleep with their feet in the air

Green tree frog

Strange creature-  uses electroreceptors in it's soft bill to find food.
Platypus - egg laying mammal about 50cm/1.8 kg

Not me but the costal carpet python named Squeeze



Rock Wallaby

Not a bear

Wild Pig
sleeping dingoe

Rock wallaby
Blue tongue lizard

Wild Victorian Koala
Mom & Joey in her pouch

Cottontop Tamarin Monkey

Oops we have these at home, ours taste better.

Tropical  green tree frog (not in a tree).
Cane Toad -equal to our gopher

Our house gecko
Green ants that bite

A variety of spiders
They all call Australia home!