Friday, January 21, 2011


Wed. Jan. 19 - Friday Jan. 21
Holy Cross school definitely looks a lot different then it did last week when I went for a tour.  As usual with school systems the construction isn't finished on the new office, staffroom and library.  But they did have a temporary office and staffroom ready to go our first day.
-My classroom is on the second floor and all the classroom doors open up to outside.  Students eat outside under a covered area and have PE outside as well under a covered court.  Each room has an air conditioner and phone.
view from outside my classroom door

my classroom is on the top in the middle of the picture

my classroom

Day 1 consisted of  welcoming the 4 new teachers for the year, prayer for the flood victims and our school year, reviewing and discussing the school mission statement, as well as our roles and commitments for the year.  We took care of some house keeping items including, yard duty (supervision), committees, schedules, non-contact (preps) and the calendar for first and second term.  Even half way around the world, schools are still the same.  We have buddies, hymn practice, assemblies, staff prayer, and liturgies just like OLQP.  They do something different though, the school is divided into houses/colors and work towards collecting 'got-ya points'.  I guess it's similar to Harry Potter, will keep you posted on how it goes.  The school year is also divided into 4 terms with a break between each term.  The year runs from the end of January till the beginning of December.
Scott and the kids went to the neighbours to hang out and swim in their pool.

Day 2 was another pupil free day or professional development day.  We had a very interesting in-service on Autism in the morning and then the afternoon was on assessment and testing.  I really have to pay attention as they are using terminology I am unfamiliar with.  Usually after they have used it within the context, I understand it.  It's just the acronyms that I have to ask what they stand for.  I did get some time in my room to organize desks and put up a few posters.
Scott and the kids went to the lagoon down at the Esplanade for swimming and a picnic before coming to pick me up.

Day 3 was spent discussing curriculum for each subject area.  LA is called English and Social Studies is SOCE.  Students have HPE, which is gym and they are also taught Italian.  We finally got our class lists at 3:00 and I have 23 year 3 students, almost half & half for boys & girls.  I finally got my lock fixed so I could get into my own room from the front door.  All the classrooms are joined together by joining doors at the back of the rooms.
 It was raining all day so the Gale clan had a 'veg day"and did some house cleaning before picking me up.
benches to eat lunch on


  1. The school looks like an apartment complex from the outside...but inside, it looks the same! I like that they eat & have PE outside!!NEAT!! I hope when I'm there I can come hang out in your classroom for a few hours!!

  2. Wow! I'm so excited for you Cindy. What an experience for you. Enjoy!!

  3. I know that Jan and Hailey will love that purple theme - most interesting learning all those acronyms etc. Musta had a headache by the end of the day :)