Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cable Park Fun Jan. 17

Jan. 17 Cable Park

Had to walk through our own flood to get to the cable park

Brody first on the water

Hailey making her way to the water

Darby strapping up


Brody taking a jump

We were up early to go to the Cable park, 10 minutes away.  The kids were signed up for Kid's Club from 8:30 - 10:00.  They all started on the knee boards and they each got up their first time.  A little tricky for Hailey on the corners, where the handle & cable jerk you.  She kept on going!  Then they all moved up to wakeboarding and were off again and up first time.  An hour into it Brody moved up to a kneeboard with a strap and started taking jumps off the ramps in the water.  Darby moved up to a wakeboard with boots and took one jump.  When they were finished it was MY turn to waterski and kneeboard.  The slalom ski was a little hurting, with ripped boots, no Obrien that's for sure!  Needless to say it was fun and I can check off skiing in JANUARY!  The corners were a little tricky especially holding on to a WOODEN handle!
Water ski mom
After some shopping we met the neighbours across the road, as they just got back from holidays yesterday.  They have 3 children the same sex and close to the same age as our three.  They started a water fight and then after came in doors to play games.   Scott was out buying his motorcycle, a brand new black 2009 Yamaha XT660R.  Having snags (hot dogs) on the barbie for tea tonight!  later mates.

Knee board fun for mom too!

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  1. That looks SO fun!!!! Bet it was weird being towed by a cable and not a boat!!! How close is that place to your house?