Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Cattana Wetlands - Monday May 2 - Labour Day

We had a relaxing morning around the house and then after lunch we drove 10 minutes north of us for a nice walk.  We saw many different types of birds, dragonflies and even a Ulysess butterfly among many other butterflies.  Some birds have crazy names like 'orange footed scrub fowl' and 'masked lap wing'.  It was a beautiful day to walk around the wetlands and enjoy nature.

beautiful flowering lily pads

Cindy & Darby watching the world go by

huge dragon fly

Flood water would cover the girls!!

On our way home we stopped at Freshy for a swim.  This is a bend in the Freshwater creek where the water pools in a nice deep swimming hole.  We went yesterday but Brody wasn't with us, so we were anxious to show him.  He loved swinging on the rope into the water.  This nice swimming hole is only 5 minutes away!

Follow the noodle

Look out below,  here I come!

Girls enjoying a smaller swing and the sand.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Herberton Historical Village

Herberton - Saturday May 14

After Brody's field hockey game we drove up to the Tablelands and an hour and a half later we were there.  Herberton is similar to Heritage Park in Calgary, but not as spread out.  We enjoyed looking at all the interesting old items including the cameras, typewriters, and record players.  Brody and Hailey kept playing on the old typewriters, Darby liked the old cameras the best.  Glad we were able to take Brody as his class had come here for an excursion that he missed when he went to Melbourne for the F1 race.  We spent a few hours exploring the village streets and old shops.

Heading in

one of the streets

Jail House

Knew we'd find him here!

Toy store- "I recognize that game!"

Reminded me of Mom's doll

Working wind mill near the river

Still learning in school

Comfy desks?
Now why don't they sell CC here?


Antique tractor

On our drive home we stopped at Hasties Swamp and saw lots of birds and interesting trees.  We noticed the sign and turned in for another adventure.

so peaceful

learning the birds names

Always learning

so many birds

Taking flight

Strange tree
interesting from every angle

Base of bamboo trees peeling

Mother's Day May 8

Mother's Day

Had a great day celebrating mother's day.  We had a yummy breakfast of pancakes and strawberries  before the kids gave me gifts.  The kids bought these gifts on their own from the Mother's Day Stall at school on Friday.  I received a beautiful bracelet, butterfly earings and an owl bookmark.  Scott didn't get me anything as I'm NOT his mother! Ha Ha!  Then we headed out to Trinity Beach for the afternoon.  We met up with the other 2 exchange teachers in the area and had a BBQ with them on the beach.  We had snags, fish and kabobs as well as many other treats.  Fun was had by all, visiting,  playing in the water and digging in the sand.
Love the bracelet

matching earings

Lots of Love

great picnic basket boo boo!

Mother's day lunch with a view

there's a head stuck out of the sand!

hold tight daddy

giggles and laughs



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Botanic Garden Sunday May 1

Botanic Garden - Sun. May 1

After mass and some shopping we went for a walk through the Botanic Gardens in the heart of Cairns.  We followed lots of the walking trails, but didn't find the running trails.  There are huge tanks, as in water tanks, that are empty in the park that they hold activities and performances in.  We will definately have to go back to check one out sometime.  After that we stopped at Freshwater creek for a swim.  This is another great place to go to cool off.  Brody was spending the day with his friend Rielly in Port Douglas and 4 Mile Beach.
Entrance in

Lost in the forest

Follow the yellow brick road

Interesting plants

Beautiful plants

Taking a break with his girls