Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cairns Tropical Zoo

Sunday Jan.16, 2011 - Zoo
We enjoyed a full day at the Cairns Tropical Zoo just north of us.  We receive the local rate for admissions now, saves a few dollars that's for sure.  We went to all the program sessions and learnt so much!  That included two on snakes, one on marsupials (koalas & wombats), a show on free flight birds,a demonstration on deadly crocodiles, and one on tamarin monkeys.  We now know how to treat snake bites, how to avoid being crocodile prey, and that pelicans can hold 15L of water in their bills.  We all touched a python and fed the wallabies and kangaroos!!!  We had our photo with either a koala, boa constrictor or a small crocodile.  Wait till you see the pictures.  We also saw a variety of birds and reptiles, as well as red pandas, dingoes, ring-tailed lemurs, emus, cassowaries and pelicans.  A definite must to take visitors to when they come.

feeding the wallaby

Darby and a koala

Almost too heavy for Hailey!

Soon to be Scott's new luggage!

What NOT to do to become his meal!

Kangaroos were hungry too

Don't want to meet him in the wild!
 We stopped for another quick dip in the waters of the Crystal Cascade to cool off, as today was a rather hot and sticky day in the rain forest. 
Then to top off our day, on our way home we also saw mobs of wild kangaroos in the fields grazing...a WOW day all around for sure!!


  1. You guys have sure been busy...don't burn yourselves out now!
    Susan :)

  2. Soooo sooooo soooo AWESOME!!!! What is the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo?? Were they just running wild around the zoo like the peacocks do at our zoo??

  3. Wow!! So far this adventure of your is pretty amazing!! Take Care!