Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sunday Jan. 30 Tablelands
We packed a picnic lunch and headed out for a drive into the Tablelands.  I guess it would be like going to Kananaskis for the day, in that it's about an hour away and the terrain really changes from here.  We started up the windy road and stopped at Henry Rose Lookout.  What a great view of Smithfield, the Cable Park, Coral Sea and area.  We continued on until we stopped at the Barron Falls, WOW what a beautiful sight!  The windy roads ended and our next stop was the Giant Curtain Fig Tree!  Another amazing sight, it was huge!  We learnt so much on how it came to be.  We drove past many groves and plantations of sugar cane, bananas, mangoes, avocados, papaya, peanuts, potatoes, corn and coconuts.

Henry Rose Lookout

Barron Falls

Barron Falls

Giant Curtain Fig Tree (sorry need to turn it)
 We finally made it to Tinaroo Lake, it's a dammed lake of the barron river.  We had lunch while watching people boating, skiing, tubing, wake boarding and knee boarding.  Good thing we parked under a big tree as it protected us from the small rain shower that went through. Brody, Darby and I went for a swim while Scott and Hailey played Go Fish. 

Lake Tinaroo

We started heading home, but stopped briefly to check out Lake Eacham for our next visit.  It is a beautiful lake created by a crater.  It is very clear and deep, great for swimming.  Can't wait for that adventure!

We had prawns on the barbie, corn on the cob, salad and then Jason, our neighbor stopped by just as we were sitting down for supper and brought fresh crab to accompany our meal!!  YUM!
Prawns on the Barbie

Fresh crab!


  1. You sure are eating well after all those adventures!!!

  2. Hey nice vehicle, too bad you can't bring it home with you...hahahaha. Nice to see Scott earning his keep by doing some cooking and that seafood always, always makes me hungry and am now craving some. Fresh is waaaaayyyy better than frozen, but that is still better than nothing :)- Susan -

  3. I checked out the internet while the cyclone was progressing and saw pictures of Barron Falls in December...you wouldn't have recognized it. It was about 5 times as wide as in this pic and just aroaring over the edge...wow!!
    - Susan -