Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Fun Jan. 22-23

Sat. Jan. 22
It's been raining for 2 days straight and when I say raining, I mean POURING!  But that has never stopped us before!  Scott went out for a ride to try out all his new rain gear, then we went to the playground at the Esplanade.  We almost had the whole place to ourselves, imagine that!
Then we went across the street to the neighbours for a delicious barbie.  We had a traditional dessert of pavlova.  Sue and Jason have 3 children, Josh, Abby and Jessica.  The children are close to ours in age and have a great time playing.

Scott's new Yamaha XT 660R  

playground at Esplanade

playing in the rain

Sunday Jan. 23
The sun came out today so we went to explore the Barron Gorge.  This was just a short, but beautiful drive from our place.  The water was raging, due to all the rain.

Barron Gorge
waterfall along the drive to the gorge

waterfall near the gorge

We continued on to Lake Placid, but it we didn't go for a swim for 2 reasons.  One with all the rain it was flooded, if you look close enough you can see the picnic table under water and the stairs to the beach.  Second, there had been a crocodile sighting in the area. 
It was a beautiful sunny day so we continued to the Esplanade again to the playgrounds.  We met up with the other 2 exchange teachers that are here in Cairns.  One is from Ontario and one from the UK.  We had a great visit and will continue to stay in contact while we are here.

Read the signs first!

Stair railing on left & picnic table on right at Lake Placid.

I hogged the sun, but could still do some planning.


  1. The Barron Gorge is beautiful!!! LOVE the new bike Scott!!! Hailey looks unimpressed that the Lake was closed because of a croc siting!!! LOL

  2. Beautiful "green" pictures...wow, so hard to remember what the grass looks like at this point so thanks. That is funny about the croc siting, kinda like when there is a grizzly siting on the hiking trails in the mountains. Scott, bike looks great and love the color of your rain gear! Raining here today (I know, how strange) and that makes for nice icy roads :(