Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Friendships last a lifetime!

Over the year we had the opportunity to meet many people, many who became very good friends.
Darby & Meagan

Hailey & Kit at cricket
Cindy, Manda & Wendy
Brody, Reilly, Grace

Darby & Kalea

Brody & Ryan

Darby, Chelsea & Evie 

Favorite character day

Darby, Evie & Chelsea
Lachlan, Brody & Darby in the tent

Grace, Tahlia, Ben & Brody bowling

Brody and Grace

Terry & Luci Howley

Jenny, Mary, Darani, Marg & Sandy

Manda, Wendy Shaun, Miranda & Renee

Hanging out at school

Louise, Hailey & chalk art

3 muskateers

Christie, me & Elise in our fascinators

Zara, Billy & Darby at school
Darby & Jaqueline

Track & field champions

Go Team Mallon!

Relay team rocks

Joslyn, Hailey & Darby at Lake Tinaroo

2 Chillin Canadian exchange teachers (Lisa)

Year 7 camp

Looking for whales with Pat in Sydney

Josh, Abby & Jess with the Gale kids

Zara & Hailey at the lagoon

Cross country's best

Supervising in the rain with Vicki & Jenelle 

'Strait on the Beach' restaurant

Darby & Jacqueline

We didn't do anything! Honest!
Zara & Hailey at bowling alley

Birthday cheers

Aussie tattoo with Jo

TGIF with Leigh
Canadian teaching Aussie Ben to skate

Catherine & Lisa for a picnic

Reilly & Brody in their homemade bunker
Hailey at Cassie's birthday

Computer time with Josh
Scott & Jason checking out the mud crab
Thank goodness for skype and email which allows all of us to stay connected with our friends.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Teaching in Australia

Teaching in Australia wasn't much different then teaching in Alberta.   Kids are kids all over the world.  While I was there I had lots of great and unique experiences.
Now that's a great show & tell!

"You will listen, I am the teacher!"

Excursion to RainForestation nature park.

Learning the tribal dance

Koala joining my class.

A rare bilby

Comfy buses with seat belts.

Class checking out the view

Year 3 sleepover in the classroom.

Early morning activities.

Pancakes for breakfast.

Lining up for seconds at breakfast.

Trying to convert them to Canadians.

Don't see this too often in Alberta schools!

Hand ball at break.

Procession into church

Year 3 mass.

Going for tea.
court area for HPE

Morning tea in new staffroom.

Year 3-4-5 eating area.

A rare free dress day.

Assembly presentations - year 2

Olivia & Sara

Year 3 - 2011

Presentation on the new stage.

Cross country relay races
Easter presentation.

Swim Carnival

Feb. 2011 in the classroom.
Port racks outside my classroom on the veranda

Eskie ready to go for break/tea.
I will miss Holy Cross.