Sunday, November 18, 2012

Teaching in Australia

Teaching in Australia wasn't much different then teaching in Alberta.   Kids are kids all over the world.  While I was there I had lots of great and unique experiences.
Now that's a great show & tell!

"You will listen, I am the teacher!"

Excursion to RainForestation nature park.

Learning the tribal dance

Koala joining my class.

A rare bilby

Comfy buses with seat belts.

Class checking out the view

Year 3 sleepover in the classroom.

Early morning activities.

Pancakes for breakfast.

Lining up for seconds at breakfast.

Trying to convert them to Canadians.

Don't see this too often in Alberta schools!

Hand ball at break.

Procession into church

Year 3 mass.

Going for tea.
court area for HPE

Morning tea in new staffroom.

Year 3-4-5 eating area.

A rare free dress day.

Assembly presentations - year 2

Olivia & Sara

Year 3 - 2011

Presentation on the new stage.

Cross country relay races
Easter presentation.

Swim Carnival

Feb. 2011 in the classroom.
Port racks outside my classroom on the veranda

Eskie ready to go for break/tea.
I will miss Holy Cross.

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