Saturday, November 10, 2012

Family favorites

Family Favorites

Starting the trip in Hong Kong

Sampam in Hong Kong

view of Hong Kong
touring the city

Cairns Tropical Zoo - Oz

January 2011

A little softer
Milla Milla Falls

April - Hamilton Island
after school fun

Aug. 2011

Granite Gorge
A VERY bright day - Botanic Gardens
celebrating 50 years - Paper Bark Restaurant

Aug 28

Road trip September 2011

Camels at the red center


Kings Canyon

The shades gang
Mossman Gorge - Dec. 2011


Zillie Falls

Dec. 2011

After awhile our family shots started looking alike so we wanted to mix them up.

Christmas day was our last family shot in Australia.


Sunny day!

We have been a very blessed family to have had such wonderful adventures together!

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