Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Friendships last a lifetime!

Over the year we had the opportunity to meet many people, many who became very good friends.
Darby & Meagan

Hailey & Kit at cricket
Cindy, Manda & Wendy
Brody, Reilly, Grace

Darby & Kalea

Brody & Ryan

Darby, Chelsea & Evie 

Favorite character day

Darby, Evie & Chelsea
Lachlan, Brody & Darby in the tent

Grace, Tahlia, Ben & Brody bowling

Brody and Grace

Terry & Luci Howley

Jenny, Mary, Darani, Marg & Sandy

Manda, Wendy Shaun, Miranda & Renee

Hanging out at school

Louise, Hailey & chalk art

3 muskateers

Christie, me & Elise in our fascinators

Zara, Billy & Darby at school
Darby & Jaqueline

Track & field champions

Go Team Mallon!

Relay team rocks

Joslyn, Hailey & Darby at Lake Tinaroo

2 Chillin Canadian exchange teachers (Lisa)

Year 7 camp

Looking for whales with Pat in Sydney

Josh, Abby & Jess with the Gale kids

Zara & Hailey at the lagoon

Cross country's best

Supervising in the rain with Vicki & Jenelle 

'Strait on the Beach' restaurant

Darby & Jacqueline

We didn't do anything! Honest!
Zara & Hailey at bowling alley

Birthday cheers

Aussie tattoo with Jo

TGIF with Leigh
Canadian teaching Aussie Ben to skate

Catherine & Lisa for a picnic

Reilly & Brody in their homemade bunker
Hailey at Cassie's birthday

Computer time with Josh
Scott & Jason checking out the mud crab
Thank goodness for skype and email which allows all of us to stay connected with our friends.

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