Sunday, November 18, 2012

Aussie Words


How you going? - most everyone greets you this way, sort of like "how you doing?"
Go off your nanner - go crazy
Rashy - is a swim shirt
Ta - thanks
Good on yah
reckon - think
have a go - take a turn
stuffed - messed up
cone - pylon
rubbers - erasers, though the teachers encourage 'eraser' in the higher grades
texters - markers, this is a brand name of felt markers
pigeon hole - is our school mail box
relief teacher - substitute
excursion - field trip
sticky beak - take a look or peak
Mackies - is what they call McDonald's
tissue - Kleenex
diary - agenda students use at school
HPE - is gym time or health physical education
non-contact - prep at school
petrol - gas
togs or bathers - swimsuit
sunnies - sunglasses
lollies - candy
biscuit - cookies
bickies - crackers
eskie - cooler
break up - is a wind up party
rubbish - garbage
mate or bloke - friend
chook - chicken
mobile - cell phone
bottle'o' - liquor store
tomatoe sauce - ketchup
brilliant - excellent
jumper - sweater
singlet - thin straps on a shirt or tank top
hire - rent something
camper van - motor home
A3 & A4 - size of paper
round-about - traffic circle
bitumen - asphalt (tarmac)
toilet - washroom or bathroom
beanie - toque
nappie - diaper
dummy - soother/pacifier
air con - air conditioning
fringe - bangs on your hair
go off your nanner - go crazy
redundant - laid off
Chrissy - Christmas

Some spellings were different as well:
mum for mom
tyre for tire
colour for color

They liked my accent and had me say the following words:
-banana, narrator, chalk, pastel

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