Saturday, November 10, 2012


Lots of unique Australian birds.

Cockatoos everywhere!
Rare black cockatoos as well
Wild brush turkey

Noisy Lorikeet outside my classroom window

Owl at Brody's camp

Not a monkey!!

Kookaburra - laughing jackass

Yellow-bellied sunbird in nest under our verandah

Emus and their young

Emu in the outback

Flightless Cassowary up close

White neck heron
Willy Wagtail

A seagull by the sea, amazing!

Crimson Rosella

Everyone needs a little sugar fix in the morning

Owl at the night zoo

Pied Heron


Blue & Gold Macaw

Black Swans

Huge cassowary - 1.5m tall & 60 kg

Sun Conure

Alexandrine Parrot

Rainbow Lorikeet- very common


Spotted Turtle-Dove

Mandarin Ducks in Oz too

Crested Pigeon waddeling by our camper

White-necked Heron
Maskedlapwinged Plover

I will miss the tropical birds outside my classroom window or waking me in the mornings.

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