Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

We had a great year together exploring and discovering.  Scott was very supportive as I learnt the new curriculum and school system.  He planned many adventures for us and took care of the house while I worked. 
let the fun begin, Hong Kong

Milla Milla Falls
Holidaying on Hamilton Island

Paradise Palms

plus 2 more

train to Kuranda

Look who's 50! Not me!!

Hiking King's Canyon

getting out of the pool - Uluru

Coral Sea fun

Trinity Beach

Christmas morning

Hot stuff!

Dinner at the Red Beret

along the Esplanade

Next time, yes next time, I do an exchange we will probably wait till the kids have finished school and go as a couple.  Not that we didn't enjoy all the great experiences they provided us, but it would be neat to do an exchange as a couple.

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