Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lake Tinaroo Camping

Lake Tinaroo Camping Oct. 21-23
We had 3 days of solid rain in Cairns before leaving, setting new records on the amount of rain in a 24 hour period, 330mm in 48 hours!  But as we are true Canadians, a little rain wasn't going to stop us from going.  After borrowing and buying all the necessary camping gear we were loaded up without an inch to spare.  We had the roof pod loaded and even had to strap the eski (cooler) to the roof.
School Point campground

breakfast outdoors
School Point at Lake Tinaroo was about 2 hours west in the Tablelands.  We arrived with just enough light to set up the tents and tarp.  As we were setting up our beds, an ear piercing sound started in the trees.   It was cicadas, a type of cricket.  Then it just stopped as if someone turned off a switch.  Hailey spent both nights sleeping with her new friend Josey in her tent.  Tonight was very dark, and it rained most of the night.  I just love the sound of rain on a tent as you sleep.

We had been invited by another teacher who is going on an exchange to Canada, just north of Edmonton for 2012.  Him, his wife and daughter, as well as 4 other couples were camping for the weekend.  There were lots of children for our three to play with and many water sports to enjoy.  There were two boats, skis, wake boards, knee boards, tubes and a new toy, a disc.  We all had a great time playing in the water.
water fun

Brody & Lachlan

Hailey skiing

great balance
We had our own campsite, but we were close enough to all get together for campfires at night.  Had to show a few Aussies how to make smores!
Cooking toast

view from our site
It rained a little bit off and on Saturday morning, but not enough to stop us from enjoying the water.  It was great to be with a group of avid water skiers!  The boats were running all day.  Later that night as we sat around the campfire on the beach we played a new game...guess the time the log will break.  Saw some wildlife this weekend including a bandicoot and bats.
Set up on the beach

Hanging out in the tent
Sunday was a beautiful day, but that brought out the day users and more boats in our small secluded area.  So we started packing up early as it was getting too dangerous with so many boats.  Gone by 2:00, Hailey was asleep by the time we got on the road.  We had a great weekend and can't wait to return the boating fun next summer when Scott and Nadine come to our cottage in B.C.
B.C. or Oz?

Some of the area around the lake reminded us of British Columbia.
A fantastic weekend!   Water skiing in October!! (That's a first)

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun!!! So have you water skied in every month of the year now???