Friday, December 16, 2011

Sports & Activities

Sports - 2011
Field Hockey -  Brody practiced every Tuesday after school and games were on Saturdays till August.  His coach was Jason from across the street and his son Josh played on the same team as Brody.  They finished the season making it to the playoffs in 4th place.
Brody practicing on the turf

Game time!

half time discussion
a wet game
Brody all padded up
year end medal
Brody was anxious to start a new sport after field hockey ended in August.  By October we finally got him on a futsal team, indoor soccer, near our house.  There were 5 guys and 1 girl who didn't know each other, but wanted to play.  They played every Wed., no practices or coach, got to know each other and had a great time.  Isn't that what sport is all about?
futsal or soccer?

playing in net

Redlynch Central Sports Stadium 
Net Ball - Darby practiced once a week after school for an hour and had games every Monday at the YMCA, close to the school.  She just loves netball!!
Darby in a game
Darby in green - GK= goal keeper
Darby continued netball for the whole school year and made the under 12 team for the second semester.  Darby was awarded the 'most improved player' award.  Their team was undefeated and won the grand final at the end of November.
First awards
U12 team, coach Kerby & trophies
Darby played in the Fowler's netball tournament in August.
outdoor courts

I'm open!
Tennis - Hailey practiced every Friday after school and had 3 tournaments throughout the year.  Her team took first at the tournament on May 29.
practice at school

good job
tennis tournament on modified smaller courts
AFL Auskick - Hailey started this Mondays after school in May at Holy Cross.  She was learning the Australian Football league skills and the game of footy.  She was very excited to get her own pink footy and backpack with a water bottle and hat!  AFL lasted for 8 weeks.
Great catch

"They knocked out my 2 front teeth!"
Cricket - sport #3 for Hailey.  She was the only girl on her team but most of the boys went to her school, so she knew them.  They practiced Wed. and had games on Friday.  Leave it to Hailey to have us learn yet another sport and set of rules while we are here!  And we all know how Scott loves to learn new sports!
it's not baseball!

only girl on the team
Safety First

Yes she has her pink shoes on!
The girls took piano lessons on Wednesday during the school day.  They practiced on the school piano after school while I did my work.
She REALLY DOES like piano!!
Hailey's turn to practice.
Hailey played at a Christmas recital, she was second to play out of 40 students.  Not shy and loves to be in front of a crowd.
She played Jingle Bells
Lawn Bowling -
Couldn't let the kids have all the fun!  For a staff function we went lawn bowling.  An interesting sport which reminded me of bocce with a little twist.  The balls are not completely round, they are slightly oval and we don't wear shoes.
Learning the game

Katrina having a go

Nice knockers

Darani and Jo

Giving it a go
A fun night, and it definitely was better after a few drinks, like most good adult sports!

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  1. so awesome! Very proud of the kids for jumping right in & trying different sports that make up the Aussie culture!!! AND glad I got to see at least 2 of the sports!!!