Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hailey's 8th Birthday

Hailey's 8th Birthday - October 2011

Hailey had a special pancake breakfast for her birthday and got to open gifts before heading to school.

Cards from Canada

$$$  I love $$$!

I love crafts!
Hailey took blueberry muffins with Canada flags to school to share for her birthday.  She had a cricket game after school and then we went to the Red Beret for dinner.  Hailey wanted a seafood meal for her birthday meal, so had calamari and hot chips.  She had a piece of rockyroad for dessert with a sparkler on it.

Happy Birthday to you!
Scott got home Saturday afternoon so we had Hailey's party on Sunday.  We booked the Croc slide at Palm Cove Resort.  Hailey invited her friends from school as well as our neighbors to her party.  It was a beautiful day and lots of fun for everyone.  We had cheerios (mini hotdogs), meat pies, mini pizzas, sausage rolls, chips, hot fries, wedges and soda.  She picked a vanilla cake for dessert.
Croc slide

Kit, Zara, Louise, Hailey & Mary
Eight is Enough

puzzle to take back to Canada

Lunch Auzzie style

Yet another fantastic birthday come and gone.

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  1. Sooooo fun!!!!! How awesome that you've all celebrated your birthdays "Aussie Style"!!!! Looks like you all had fun!!!