Sunday, December 25, 2011

Crazy Australian Signs

pretty obvious sign!

We Canadians know what a REAL polar bear swim is!

livestock, like at home

soft edges = soft shoulders

That's a new one! Cows eating cars!

Nothing new here - cattle and sheep

Important sign!

must have lots of visitors from North America

another important sign! Beware of stingers! (box jelly fish)

just in case you didn't read the sign before this one

Bombs in the area

Cindy's favourite sign!

Don't see this too often - dog AND cat
They had good reasons for this one, the path led to stairs!
Too funny!

self explanatory - watch for flash floods

Right to the point

don't have to tell me twice
Eyes are on the look out!

a little of everything I guess

Really?  glad they told me!

would be too slippery for Canada!
Darby on horseback

over a million wild camels in the area

"Next 190 km"  too funny!!

Speed limit in the Northern Territory

Bedrock men's toilet

Bedrock women's toilet

Aussie toilet

she's got it right
In case they have visitors from outer space?


Cavemen have to go to
the other must be SHE GOES
Now that's one big sign!
must be because we are DOWN UNDER
They have blondes in Oz too!

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  1. ahahahah!!!! This post made me laugh!! What about that sign you took in Melbourne about drinking with your mates or something like that? It was a funny one too!!!!

    Glad you're home, but look forward to the rest of the posts!!!