Thursday, December 8, 2011

Le Fetta's Greek Taverna

Oct. 28 - Le Fetta's Greek Taverna

Another staff social event, this time dinner at Le Fetta Greek Taverna in the CBD (Central Business District).  We ordered a group meal and we shared a variety of Greek cuisine.  The cooked cheese was delicious, as well as souvlaki and baklava!
Jenny, Jo, Gina & Mary
During our meal we had some entertainment, a belly dancer.  She was able to get Leigh and Manda up to join her.  This family restaurant was established in 1975 and you could feel the love and commitment during the evening.
Manda & Leigh joining in
Then a little while later the music started and we got up to join in the dancing.  I had lots of fun!
This is where line dancing started.
After dancing we got a turn to add to the broken plates on the floor.  There was a special way to throw the plate, toss it right side up for proper plate-smashing.
training & tips
A well fed group
A great evening out on the town.  Brody was our baby sitter for the night.
Brody on alert
  He must have worked very hard!

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  1. Hahaha, great babysitter!!!!! Hopefully the girls were in bed too & not swinging from the ceiling!!!! Looks like you had fun!!!!!