Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taipans - Dec. 10

Taipans - Dec. 10

We had previously gone to a Taipans basketball game at the end of their season back in March.  We had so much fun we wanted to go again and take Scott with us this time.  At least this was a sport we understood and could follow!  Though this basketball seemed much rougher & with less fouls called.  I was told they do this to keep the game moving, making it more entertaining for the fans.
The game was very exciting, the Taipans got a basket right at the buzzer to tie the game, taking us into a 5 minute overtime.  Then at the end of the overtime, just after a time out, the Melbourne Tigers scored, but they forgot to start the timer.  So the refs had to leave to view the replay & clock before making the call.  They finally returned and announced the game was over, the basket didn't count, we had won, 79 to 77!
Go Taipans!

great seats

Taipans vs Tigers

No Ralph the Dog!

time out strategy
A very exciting game that we all enjoyed.

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  1. FUN!!! What's on the agenda for the next couple weeks???