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Melbourne Surprise - July 16

Melbourne Surprise - July 16, 2011
waiting at the Cairns airport

how come Cary gets the window seat?

flying into Melbourne
Cary, Bryce & I flew to Melbourne from Cairns.  We arrived, quickly got their luggage, as I only took carry on, and grabbed a cab.  We went directly to our hotel, the Ibis, where Kim, Darrell and Chris were waiting.  They were only expecting Cary & Bryce so when I knocked on the door, Kim screamed and just couldn't place me standing there in Melbourne!   Darrell was next to lift me off my feet for a great big hug and then Tina had her turn for hugs.  It was incredible to be all together again, this day seemed a long time coming!
After many hugs we quickly grabbed 2 cabs to Etihad Stadium for the footy game.  Cary had pre-ordered tickets  before she left Canada, so we all had great seats together.  We watched the St. Kilda Saints and the West Coast Eagles.  The Saints won 76 - 64.    
walking into Etihad Stadium

huge stadium

 Everyone moved around in the seats to get in a little visit while watching the game.  I was glad I had gone to a game back in Cairns as it helped to understand the rules.  We did learn some new information as the gentlemen behind me was very helpful.  The 'ruck' is the jump ball activity where there are 3 eligible players from each team.  We chatted a bit as he had been to Canada and had seen an 'ice hockey' game.  He said he got seated again after the third period for the final period, only to realize there wasn't another period!  He thought that was very strange, and truly I think hockey is the only sport with 3 periods.  We watched all 4 quarters, 30 minutes each.  The game ended about 10 pm.

sisters together again

Footy game
Back to our hotel with more chatting and discussions about our road trip tomorrow to the Great Ocean Road.
Sisterly chats & hanging out

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  1. It was a GREAT surprise!!!! Was awesome getting to spend the extra 3 days with you!!!! Mom's WISH did come true!!!!
    Love you!