Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daintree & Cape Tribulation

Daintree & Cape Tribulation Monday July 4
Up very early and gone by 6:15 am.  Took muffins, fruit, sausage rolls, juice and granola bars for breakfast on the go.  Took the ferry across the Daintree River, then continued up the very narrow and windy road to Cape Tribulation.
Ferry across Daintree River

cane train being filled
8:45 am pick up for our Jungle Surfing adventure.  We were all given special names on our helmets for our trip, Scott was Bambi, Brody was Batman, Darby was Madame Butterfly, Hailey was Herby the Love Bug, Cary was Rambo, Bryce was Austin Powers and I was Cookie Monster.  We went zip lining over the Daintree Rain forest for about 2 hours.  We zipped between 5 tree platforms, at one point we were 22.5 m above the Mason Creek with a 78 m span.  We could see the Great Barrier Reef from up here!
go Herbie

the swinging boys

Madame Butterfly fluttering by

Rambo and Bambi hanging out together
After we finished on the zip line, we walked to the beach and found lots of coral.  Brody found a Pandanus Fruit and broke it open.We continued on our adventure to the Daintree Discovery Center.  We had a quick bite to eat before starting our walk through the rain forest.  We learnt about the Fauna in the area following the guide book and # on the plaques.  The boys had fun playing with the cassowary plums.  We learnt so much at the interpretive centre.
watching an informative video

Looking over the top of the rain forest out to the coral reef

Rain forest floor
Back to the car for our return trip across on the ferry, through Mossman and into Port Douglas and Four Mile Beach.  Played on the beach for awhile, walked to the look out and then went for supper on the wharf at Hogs Breath.
Find Scott & the kids on Four Mile Beach
A quiet ride home as everyone was pretty tired.  We did make one more stop at Alexandra look out.

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  1. Looks fun! Can't wait to see more posts of your visitors!!! You guys are GREAT hosts...thanks for sharing your room with me Brody!!!!