Monday, August 1, 2011

Tanks Market

Tanks Market  June 26
Today was the monthly market at the Tanks, this is the area next to the Botanic Gardens we had seen before, but couldn't go into.  The Tanks use to hold oil during the war and now are used for displaying art work, wellness booths and market stalls.  They often use them for concert and other live performances.  Today we saw a ukulele auction and other art work.  There was a variety of items for sale including jewelery, clothes, plants, art, food, crafts and so much more.  The one Tank that had all the wellness booths in it had everything from Reiki and massage to reflexology.

valve on the tank

Hailey loves the 'living statues'

sign going into the tanks

inside the tank

Darby checking out the art

Art display inside a tank

Another tank

Ukulele art

After we finished walking around we headed to the Esplanade for the Sustainability Expo (recycling) and a swim in the lagoon.  We also watched a street performer escape a straight jacket and chains, then swallow a sword.  Had supper at Rattle and Hum along the esplanade before heading home.
Canvas bag dress, hey I could make one!

Creative dresses from pop cans, newspaper and plastic.

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  1. Yes, you have enough canvas bags to make a gorgeous red ball gown!!! LOL

    Thank you for taking us to the Tanks market, it was quite a sight to see! Glad that they are using those huge things for something!!!!

    Miss you guys!