Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Canadian guests

July 3-16, 2011
My sister Cary and her 17 year old son Bryce, arrived today.  It was so great to see them walk through the gates at the airport!!! 
Took them down to the Esplanade and the lagoon after unpacking at home.
We were off school this week so we could spend lots of time with them.  Then the second week we were back in school and they could use my car and tour around on their own.  Scott had to go to work for a few days mid week, but that didn't stop us from having some great adventures.

Monday got up VERY early and went zip lining at 8:45 am at Cape Tribulation 2 hours north of us.
Tuesday was Tjapukai Cultural Center for their open house.
Wednesday was Cairns Central shopping & the Red Beret to watch the State of Origin AFL game.
Thursday snorkeling and hanging out at Fitzroy Island.
Friday was Rusty's market, Crystal Cascades, Barron Gorge and Holloways beach.
Saturday we headed up the range to Kuranda and the Tablelands.  Scott met up with us on his motorbike and we made our way to Chillagoe Lime Caves in the outback for the night.
Sunday we went on a guided cave tour, check out the abandoned smelter, and explored the Tablelands.
Monday I worked, so Scott took them go-karting and to Fresh Water  swimming hole.
The rest of the week we were back at school so they would drop us off and headed to the tropical zoo, crocodile farm, explored beaches and to the shopping centers.
We hit the night market, cable park, Brody's field hockey practice, Hailey's tennis practice and a BBQ at the beach.
Saturday afternoon headed to the airport with them, after Brody's field hockey game, to fly to Melbourne to surprise the next guests, Kim, Darrell and Chris!

Cheers Mate!

Cary's turn to drive

Cary buying treats

Autographs after shooting hoops with the Taipans Basketball team

Barron Gorge & Surprise Falls

Snorkeling at Fitzroy Island in the Great Barrier Reef

Life's a Beach!

Cary finally turned it the right way!

Gales on the paddle skis at Fitzroy Island

Very tall cane sugar

Shopping heaven

Lake Placid

walking along the esplanade & lagoon

beach at the lagoon

Fresh & LIVE mud crabs for supper


  1. Wow!! What a busy two weeks. Did they get to see everything? Bryce still looks like he did in Grade 2, only much taller.

  2. Looks like you all had a ton of fun!!!!! SOOOO Glad we had that time with you all!! Miss you already!!!!
    Love Tina