Tuesday, April 5, 2011


March 18 - Swim Carnival

The entire school started walking over to Marlin Coast Pool at 8:20 am for a full day of swimming fun.  Four house teams from Holy Cross school competed against each other, Dillon (yellow), Mallon (white), Peterson (blue), and Robinson (red).  Each team wore their colours, even swim caps, so you can tell who was in each swim lane.  The Gales are all Mallon.  It was a hot day, sunny, cloudy and we even had a little rain shower.  Yes it's an outdoor naturally heated pool, approx. 30 degrees C.

Brody took 3rd in the 25m butterfly, 2nd in the 50m breast stroke, 2nd in the 50m backstroke and 1st in the 50m freestyle (front crawl).  There were 3 boys including Brody, all on Mallon, who were pretty evenly matched for every race.  They each took turns winning by a very small margin.  Brody took second overall for boys born in 1998.

Darby had issues with her goggles every time she dove in the pool.  She competed in the 50m breaststroke, 25m freestyle and took first in the 25m backstroke!

Hailey competed in two events, the 25m breaststroke and the freestyle, and received a ribbon for the breast stroke.  She has made huge gains in her swimming this year!!

The local newspaper, Cairns Post, ran a full page of the events of the day.  Hailey and I even got our picture on the page.

Darby & Mallon teammates

white war paint

everyone enjoying the day

Great dive Hailey! (2)

Go Darby!! (on 5)

Brody in closest lane - tight race for team Mallon

"I did it!!" (Hailey)

Brody off the block (4)

Darby crossing the 25m finish line first! (white cap)

everyone having fun in the stands
Proud of our achievements!

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  1. WOW!!! Sooo proud of you three!!!! AMAZING job, little fishies!!!!! I can't get over how long Hailey's legs are in the 4th picture!!!! Love you all!!!
    Aunty Tina