Friday, April 15, 2011

Holloways Beach - April 3

Sunday April 3
We went to discover one more beach in the area with my teaching partner Jo and her son, Reily, who is the same age as Brody.  It started with a drink at the cafe right on the beach called 'Strait on the Beach'.  The tables were hand carved out of trees and the chairs were shaped like large hands, a very unique place.  Then we played in the water and dug in the sand all afternoon.

be careful where you sit

Reily, Jo and Darby

Hailey starts on her project

The beginnings of a bunker

Darby's creation. OMG somethings growing out of her head!

Getting closer

Bunker built for two

cleaning off

Hailey's final creations


  1. Nice!!! That bunker is too cool! Great creations girls, love the sandcastles! And that is a mighty cute growth out of Darby's head!!! LOL
    Love Anuty Tina ;-)

  2. Great bunker Brody...looks like lotsa work involved. Darby I think you should see a doctor about that growth and Hailey, glad to see that you were caaarrreeeefulllllyyyyy sitting on that chair...that is a cool carving. Fun fun fun, you are always having so much fun!! Auntie Susan