Tuesday, April 26, 2011

River Tubing - April 17

River Tubing - Sunday April 17

We were picked up at Tjapukai carpark to take us to our final destination at Behana Creek.  We passed Mt. Bellenden Ker and Walsh's pyramid.  This is the world's largest tallest natural pyramid at 944 m.  There were 9 of us in our group, Jo and her son Riely, as well as Josh from across the street came with us for the afternoon, the two others we just met.

We got our helmets, lifejackets and tubes (which are from Canada, but made in China) and we were ready for the short walk to the Behana Creek.  We went over a few safety rules and we were off.  We stopped often along the way, waiting for others to catch up.

Tea Break - we had juice, water, popcorn, snacks and apples for our break.  Then we played in the river, sliding down the rocks.  Hailey had a blast painting herself with the natural paint rocks!
We continued on our way, I really enjoyed drifting along enjoying the beautiful scenery and wildlife.  The natural tree tunnels were so interesting.  We all had an enjoyable afternoon!

Walsh's Pyramid

Getting ready

Darby sets off on Behana Creek

waiting for the rest of the gang

Relaxing with Aussie Drifterz

Brody chilling

Brody & Hailey, a great team!

I had fun too!

Little artist with natural paint rocks!!

Spectacular Behana Gorge

Natural tree-tunnels


  1. That looks SO fun!!!! Love the body art, Angel Baby!!!!

  2. How beautiful...looks like you had a great day

  3. How old was the youngest child there?