Thursday, April 7, 2011

March 25 - Cindy's birthday weekend

March 25 - My birthday - 30 degrees and sunny

Arrived at school to find my door knob covered in vaseline, streamers hung all over the room and as soon as I turned on the fans, red glitter went everywhere!  I even had glitter on my chair, in my hat and my desk drawers.  Later in the day I discovered vaseline on my drawer handles too!  I guess you can say I have been fully accepted on staff now!  Many birthday wishes during the day and finally a Chai latte tea, yummy!  After school we opened a bottle of champagne and celebrated in the staffroom.
On the way home the girls and I stopped at the cable park for knee boarding and wake boarding!  Lots of fun, we stayed at the park till it closed at 6pm!!  Ordered pizza and watched a movie to finish off the day.  Brody and Scott were in Melbourne for the F1 race, so it was a girls weekend.

We went shopping and to a movie on Saturday.  We saw Rango at Cairns Central, cute movie.

gifts before going to work - jewelery

homemade cards, the best!

streamers everywhere

Cheers mate!!

I even got a tattoo! "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie"

cards arrive right on the day!
Sunday we continued our girls weekend with mass and then shopping at Rusty's Market.  Then we went for a walk along the Esplanade and a swim in the lagoon.  We finished the day with dinner at Grill'd.  We had the best burgers in town, all homemade with love, even gluten free buns!

Rusty's Market

Guess the vegetable?

Want an A Cha Cha?

Wharf along the Esplanade

Esplanade exercise area



  1. Looks like an awesome birthday!! Best wishes to you!!

  2. That looks like a "white radish"!!!! Tee hee!!!
    Glad you had a fun birthday, was awesome talking to you on it!!! Miss you guys!!!