Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cairns Art Gallery - April 9

Cairns Art Gallery - April 9
One Saturday afternoon after Brody's field hockey game, we decided to explore the Cairns Regional Art Gallery.  We really enjoyed exploring the three floors of the gallery, the kids really showed a lot of interest in the art.  We were amazed by the glass masks the most, too bad we couldn't buy one to bring home!

Malu Minar: Art of the Torres Strait

Reading about the intricate line print

Ranamok Glass

The Make Believe

Glass Mask

Glass masks were the hit of the gallery for the Gales

Reminded me of Jesus' crown of thorns


  1. WOW, those glass masks are gorgeous!!! Really awesome that the kids (& Scott) took an interest in the art!
    Love Aunty Tina

  2. Wow...another busy month! That water rafting reminds me of the one we did on the Bow River many many years ago. I like those glass masks too, very cool. Hope you had a great Easter - any turkey dinners happening over there? We had ours on Friday..turkey AND ham...nummy
    Auntie Susan :)