Thursday, June 2, 2011

Botanic Garden Sunday May 1

Botanic Garden - Sun. May 1

After mass and some shopping we went for a walk through the Botanic Gardens in the heart of Cairns.  We followed lots of the walking trails, but didn't find the running trails.  There are huge tanks, as in water tanks, that are empty in the park that they hold activities and performances in.  We will definately have to go back to check one out sometime.  After that we stopped at Freshwater creek for a swim.  This is another great place to go to cool off.  Brody was spending the day with his friend Rielly in Port Douglas and 4 Mile Beach.
Entrance in

Lost in the forest

Follow the yellow brick road

Interesting plants

Beautiful plants

Taking a break with his girls

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  1. Looks beautiful!!! I'd love to see what these TANKS are & how they are used for performances...sounds interesting!!!!