Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mother's Day May 8

Mother's Day

Had a great day celebrating mother's day.  We had a yummy breakfast of pancakes and strawberries  before the kids gave me gifts.  The kids bought these gifts on their own from the Mother's Day Stall at school on Friday.  I received a beautiful bracelet, butterfly earings and an owl bookmark.  Scott didn't get me anything as I'm NOT his mother! Ha Ha!  Then we headed out to Trinity Beach for the afternoon.  We met up with the other 2 exchange teachers in the area and had a BBQ with them on the beach.  We had snags, fish and kabobs as well as many other treats.  Fun was had by all, visiting,  playing in the water and digging in the sand.
Love the bracelet

matching earings

Lots of Love

great picnic basket boo boo!

Mother's day lunch with a view

there's a head stuck out of the sand!

hold tight daddy

giggles and laughs




  1. Wow...another busy month. got some nice stuff there for Mother's Day Cindy...yes, that is always Bill's line too "you are not MY mother" hmmmmm
    Brody and Darby getting to be tall, watch out, won't be long til they are taller than mom and does happen.
    Take care - Susan -

  2. Looks FUN!!!!! LOVE the earrings Brody!!!! BUT....You ARE The mother of HIS CHILDREN!!!!! tee hee

    SEE you SOON!!!!! 37 more days till we're in Cairns!!!!