Sunday, June 12, 2011

Herberton Historical Village

Herberton - Saturday May 14

After Brody's field hockey game we drove up to the Tablelands and an hour and a half later we were there.  Herberton is similar to Heritage Park in Calgary, but not as spread out.  We enjoyed looking at all the interesting old items including the cameras, typewriters, and record players.  Brody and Hailey kept playing on the old typewriters, Darby liked the old cameras the best.  Glad we were able to take Brody as his class had come here for an excursion that he missed when he went to Melbourne for the F1 race.  We spent a few hours exploring the village streets and old shops.

Heading in

one of the streets

Jail House

Knew we'd find him here!

Toy store- "I recognize that game!"

Reminded me of Mom's doll

Working wind mill near the river

Still learning in school

Comfy desks?
Now why don't they sell CC here?


Antique tractor

On our drive home we stopped at Hasties Swamp and saw lots of birds and interesting trees.  We noticed the sign and turned in for another adventure.

so peaceful

learning the birds names

Always learning

so many birds

Taking flight

Strange tree
interesting from every angle

Base of bamboo trees peeling

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  1. Very cool!!! Looks like a fun day!!! I love the bamboo trees....neat!!!