Saturday, February 12, 2011

Port Douglas

Port Douglas - exploring the beaches
Saturday Feb. 7 Scott was out of the house early again helping SES (State Emergency Service) with removing debris from around Cairns.  We weren't far behind as we headed to Holy Cross church for mass.  We had lots to be thankful for!

We hung around till Scott got back at 1:00 and then headed out to explore the Captain Cook highway north to Port Douglas.  We were going to go to the crocodile farm, but....they were still rounding up the crocs after the storms!  yikes!!

We stopped at Trinity Beach for a look around.  Not many people as it was raining lightly.  There was a lot of sand on the walk way and road next to the Esplanade.  We continued on and stopped next at REX LOOKOUT, we had fun yelling that one!  What a great view of the coast line!  The road was windy for 27km along the coast of beautiful views.  We passed sugar canes and coconut plantations before getting to Port Douglas.
We found Four Mile Beach and parked.  Again only a few people out enjoying the great day.  We walked from one end to the other, each enjoying it in our own way.  Brody had found a coconut and spent an hour trying to break it open, while Hailey dug holes in the sand as we walked along.  Scott and Darby played frisbee, while I enjoyed my walk and watching everyone.  Brody eventually got the coconut open after using the rocks.  We also got to see the mini sand crabs that were making neat designs on the sand.  Look closely at the picture to see this unique little creature that runs and digs sideways.

We stopped for some refreshments before getting back in the vehicle and heading up to the lookout.  Got home and prepared for school the next day.

girls at Trinity Beach

"Rex Look Out!!!"

Captain Cook Hwy to Port Douglas

Brody's coconut

Fantastic sand designs

Hailey had fun digging MANY holes along 4 Mile Beach!

Brody's coconut 1 hour later!!

Sand crab who makes the sand art! (not the green thing)


Refreshment time at Port Douglas

View from look out at Port Douglas - Four Mile Beach


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! I love the look on Hailey's face in the restaurant!!! Too cute!!!! There is an Australian jellyfish documentary on OASIS channel tonight, I'm gonna watch it!!! Looks like you had a really fun day!!!!

  2. Pretty cool stuff, I laughed at your Rex Lookout comment...he will too, they have your link and are keeping track of you guys! Noticed Scott has a new hat...looking good...kind like Crocodile Dundee?? Great beach fun, I used to love doing that with the boys when we were in Comox, could spend the entire day at the beach just wandering and finding different stuff that is defitintely NOT on the prairies :)
    - Susan -

  3. I'm enjoying sharing your adventures,both good & scary.

  4. I heard this place is really awesome. Now your lovely pictures prove it. BTW, I love the blurry background of your blog. :)

  5. I have been saying Rex Lookout for years!! hahahahah. I am loving your blog and the pictures are beautiful, keep them coming!