Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trinity Beach

Trinity Beach  - Sunday Feb. 13

After church we packed up the car with beach toys, chairs, towels and the eski with lunch, and headed out to enjoy the day.  Twenty minutes up the road we stopped at Trinity Beach.  Scott started with a long walk, I read my novel and watched the kids build sand castles with their new pails and shovels, buried each other and play ball.  We all went for numerous swims in the ocean in the secured area.  We had lunch at the beach and tried playing frisbee in the afternoon, but it was a little too windy.  It is the rainy season, so the day wouldn't be complete without some rain.  We were swimming, so no big deal, and it passed just as quickly as it started.  We were only out for 3 1/2 hours, but this sun is intense, so we all got just a little red.  Yes we did apply sunscreen a couple of times, but as they say in Cairns, it only takes 10 minutes to burn here.

Hailey surfing

Scott walking at Trinity Beach

New beach toys

Where's Hailey?

Good catch!

Cooling off

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  1. Looks fun!! It all is SO real now.....we're going to be THERE in 5 months!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!! What is an eski??