Friday, April 6, 2012

Heading Home

Heading Home Dec. 26, 2011
A crazy morning with last minute packing, cleaning and exchanging Hailey's Christmas Uggs for a bigger size.  Even had to leave some towels on the clothes line as they weren't dry yet.  Was able to squeeze in a quick skype to Mom as it was Christmas day in Canada and she didn't know we were coming home so soon.  Last minute check revealed 6 boxes of Tim Tams and 3 boxes of Australian chocolates in the freezer.  Quickly threw them in a grocery bag for Brody & I to divide into our carryon luggage later at the airport.  We weren't leaving without them!

Friends came to take us to the airport and 4 cars later we were at the international airport. Jason's ute took all of our 10 suitcases totally 500 pounds, we doubled the weight we took to Australia. Shawn & his family followed us so he could drive his other car back they had loaned us, after we got to the airport. Hailey's friend Kit and her mother Liz came as well and gave Hailey a ride to the airport.  They went to the domestic airport and we were at the international airport.  A little scary thinking she might not make the flight! They made it and all was good.  Teary goodbyes with the neighbours and friends!
Cairns International Airport

That's just Darby's luggage!
Checked in and got rid of our suitcases until Vancouver, what a great feeling.  Went through customs and security without any problems, then had 2 hours till our flight left.  Waited around the airport playing games, shopping and watching the airplanes.
Playing snakes & ladders!

Is that our plane?
Ready for our 11 hour flight to Hong Kong.
Which movie to watch first?

Are we there yet?

Nice beanie
More waiting and trying to get a comfortable sleep at the Hong Kong airport.  We had 4 hours to wait till our next flight to Vancouver.
Staying entertained

Found this comfy chair in our last 15 minutes!
Our next stop was Vancouver, but since it was our first port of entry into Canada we had to get our luggage and go through customs.
3 very full carts

Last flight!! Enjoy those clothes while you can!
After landing in Calgary, Tina, Kim, Darrell, Cary & Tom met us at the airport with our expedition.  Good thing, as we needed all the room in the back for our luggage!
Welcome Home sign

Good to be home!

4 FULL carts

Shorts & coats!
In our own comfy bed by 3:00 am and slept till noon.
Started unpacking and gathering all our souvenirs and gifts. I guess there really was a lot we had bought when we put it all together in one place.

Books, must be a teacher in the family.

Jewelery ,must be girls in the family.

Christmas ornaments
Good to be home!  Memories that will last a lifetime!

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  1. Holy - did you ever bring back a lot of stuff!!! LOL I wish I had done more "teacher" shopping - although not sure how I would have brought it all back!!!!