Saturday, March 31, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Day 2011
Had a great 'Chrissy' morning opening up our stockings and gifts.  Had to remember that anything we got had to be packed the next day or eaten right away.  I think considering our circumstances we did pretty good.
See HE found us!

My home

"Advance Australia Fair"

Big money!

Billabong - a water hole in the outback

Proof we survived Cyclone Yasi
Chrissy morning

Another gem for Brody
My gems - opals!

After we were done opening gifts and having breakfast we made our way to Trinity beach for the morning.  We indulged in very different activities on Christmas morning then we were use to.
Christmas beach babe!
Not a typical Christmas morning
All fun and games until...

Baywatch look out!

Good thing Scott doesn't practice catch & release!
Brought our own snow to the beach!
Back home to change for lunch at Wendy and David's place in Freshwater.  They had about 20 family and friends over for the day.
Kids did yet some more swimming in their outdoor pool.

This is their backyard pool!
Lunch was fresh prawns, raw oysters, ham, salads and buns.  Yummy!  I have been enjoying the fresh seafood while in Oz and that now includes oysters.  Dessert was cream cheese cakes, gluten free orange cake and pavlova, YUM!!
What a feast.

Kids table

Shawn, Tasha, Wendy & David

Raw oysters!

Extra guest on the shower wall
Such a wonderful opportunity to experience Christmas in Oz!  I'm glad we stayed in Australia for the holidays and had such good friends to enjoy it with!

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  1. What a GREAT Christmas day!!!!! Love the frog in the shower - funny!!!!!