Monday, April 9, 2012

Scott's work

Scott's work

Scott worked for a company called Dawson's and did fly in, fly out shut downs.  Back in Canada he is called a millwright, but here in Australia he is a fitter.  Either way, it's the same thing.  Scott got to see a little more of Oz with his work.  He spent most of his time on Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpenteria, Northern Territory.
fly in - fly out with Alliance Airlines

Coast line flying into Cairns

Palm Cove beach & jetty
Cannington Mines - lead, zinc & copper

"Drum scrubber", self explanatory I'm told!

Morning in the outback after a night shift
Some of the accommodations were quite small when he first started.  As he became more of a regular he got to stay in slightly bigger rooms.
Dongers (sleeping accommodation)

Pod (area of accommodation trailers)
Small rooms

Air con unit was always on, even in the winter.
One night he even had a guest visitor waiting outside his bedroom door!
Carpet Python against the wall, outside his bedroom door.

Process area
He worked at different mines including Cannington, Century and GEMCO.  These were manganese, silver, copper, lead, and zinc mines.
Beautiful sunset in the outback

Process plant

Conveyor belts

He was fortunate to be able to work, as he got to see more of Australia then the rest of us.  He enjoyed the experience, the people he met, and the slightly warmer weather in the outback than in Canada.  A high of plus 40 degrees Celsius, to a low of zero.  He picked up new work lingo to try back home.  Done & dusted, means jobs finished; Smoko, means coffee break; Chocker block, means full; Crib, means lunch room; Shifter, means adjustable wrench; Stillson, means pipe wrench; Podgey bar, means pry bar.  Some of the wildlife he encountered included native long haired rats, emus, red back spiders, dingoes, kangaroos and snakes.

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