Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2011
Spent the morning packing and cleaning before we needed to go cool off and enjoy the day.  For the afternoon we went to the esplanade to spend some time with friends.  The kids each invited their friends to join us at the lagoon.
Nice clean fan
cutting grass in December!

nice beanie

Zara & Hailey

Darby, Evie & Chelsea
In the bubble

Brody & Ryan
We stopped for one more cool treat!

treats in the CBD

After we got home and changed we went across the road to the neighbours.  The kids swam some more and we had some nibblies and drinks before going to the 5:30 mass at Holy Cross.  On the way home we drove past some Christmas lights, but without the snow it just wasn't the same.
Scott, Jason & Sue

Chill -axing

great view of the pool

Christmas lights

Back to the neighbours for tea(dinner), visiting and mango margaritas. 
Then home to put out oats for the reindeer, a snack for Santa and hang our stockings.  Had received some Rocky Mountain snow in the mail from Suzanne and decided to make it for Christmas.
oats on REAL snow

A little Aussie & Canadian snacks for Santa

No fireplace, but sure the big guy will still find them
Watched Santa tracker on line to see where he was before heading to bed.

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  1. How fun!!!!! Looks like the kids had a blast cleaning the house!!!!