Monday, November 21, 2011

Skating in Cairns??

Thurs. Sept 29 - Skating??

Went to Edgehill Primary School to go ice skating.  They had set up a temporary rink in a big shed, and charged $15 for 2 hours of skating and skate rentals.  It was 31 degrees outside, so hot that the ice was melting and there was a layer of water on top.  If you fell, you were extremely wet!
Ben & Brody

Skating in shorts
Due to the fact that not many people in Cairns get a lot of opportunities to practice skating, we were some of the few people who were in the center of the arena, rather than along the boards!  People were pointing at Hailey and commenting  on how good 'that little one' was.
buckling up

Just like riding a bike!
They seemed to have run liquid ammonia through the pipes to make and keep the ice cold.  But the metal roll up walls were too hot to even touch from the inside.
lots of open space for jumps & spirals

the brave ones in the middle
It was definitely something to experience and we even signed a petition to get a permanent rink in Cairns.

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  1. That's hilarious!! Looks like fun!!!! Darby looks a little wet!!!!