Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scott's 50th

August 28 - Scott's 50th
10 minute gift
Even though Scott got to have a mini celebration with Kim, Chris, Darrell and then with Janet & Bob, we decided he needed more.
First birthday wishes!
Great photos of Scott on the card

 Gift to keep from Janet & Bob
Friday night we went for supper as a family at the Kewarra Beach Resort in their Paper Bark Restaurant.  We had an incredible meal and the waiter was excellent with the kids.  The restaurant is open to the rain forest and a board walk to the beach.  A great atmosphere and view.
all dressed up

Incredible meals
Saturday he went to enjoy one of his birthday gifts, a massage, while we baked a cake and decorated the deck area. Then that night we had settled down to watch a movie when the surprise guests started arriving.  A few teachers from school and their families or partners, and then later on our neighbours popped over.  We had nibblies, cake, ice cream and drinks while visiting on the back deck.  I was surprised at the great gifts they had brought, wine, Canadian Club (someone really knows him), a gift certificate and a framed boomerang.  Brody had given him a lovely 50 pin to wear for the evening as his '50' T-shirt already headed back to Canada!!
Nice pin

Friends helping to celebrate
Sunday morning, his actual birthday, he had a big breakfast of French Toast with mixed berries, bacon and orange juice.  Then he received yet another gift, a Voodoo Doll knife holder. 
Voodoo Doll

Breakfast fit for a 50 year old
Afterwards he packed his bags as he had to be at the airport for 12 noon to catch his flight to work in Century Mines.  One could say he sure 'milked' his birthday this year!

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  1. Ya, milkin' it for sure!!!!! But hey, why not? You only turn 50 once!!!!! Happy Birthday Scott (again!)!!!!!