Monday, October 17, 2011

Darby's 11th Birthday

Darby's  11th B'day - September

Darby decided on a birthday party at home with 3 of her closest Aussie friends, Meagen, Evie, & Chelsie.  They made lip gloss, played a memory game, sat in the spa, played a 'chocolate dress up game' and finished with a treasure hunt.
making lip gloss

Crazy Australia party game

Brody wanted in too! Nice hat!
Chelsie, Darby, Evie, Meagen
Looking for treasure clues
The chocolate dress up game consisted of everyone sitting in a circle around a plate of a large chocolate bar, and rolling dice.  If you rolled six, or double sixes, you quickly put on the dress up clothes, picked up the knife & fork and eat as much chocolate as you can, until the next person rolls the same.

She chose tacos in a bag for lunch before having cake and ice cream.
more cheese please!

Hope the gifts fit in my suitcase!
On her actual birthday, Sept. 14,  she got her favourite breakfast of dippy egg and toast, before heading off to school.  It was Holy Cross Day as well that day & she took muffins with Canadian toothpick flags to share with her class.  She received a new swim suit and a DS game on gymnastics, as well as Australian money sent from Canada.
Birthday breakfast

nice togs

I like it!
We had fun celebrating birthdays Aussie style with a little twist of Canadian cultural added.

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  1. LOOKS FUN!!!!! I like the chocolate dress up game...yummmmm!!!!!!!