Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cairns Festival Parade

Cairns Festival Parade - August 21
Cairns was celebrating 50 years under the sun.  This was a 17 day festival with a variety of activities from parades, fireworks, music festivals, and much more.

Prime seats - waiting for the parade to start
We went to the evening parade along the Esplanade.  It started shortly after 5:00 pm and lasted just over an hour and a half.  The sun was setting as the parade finished.

There were many groups & organizations represented including Chinese Lion Dancers, belly dancers, BMX club, Lions Club, a library float, 3 radio stations and at least 2 school bands.  There weren't any horses or street cleaners as we'd see back home.  They did hand out brochures & a few lollies/candy. 
Very Tall!

'Toad's out?'

Lions Clubs all around the world

Good idea for old CD's

Ford GT 40
It was a great end to a week of festival.

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