Friday, September 9, 2011

2nd group of Canadians

July 22 - Aug 1
Our second group of guests from Canada arrived on Friday afternoon after spending some time in Melbourne.
We took them down to the esplanade and then had a large seafood meal at home to welcome our guests!
walking along the Esplanade

first meal together
Up early Saturday to go to Tjapukai aboriginal center.  They were hosting a teacher appreciation day, so Chris and Kim were able to get in free on this day, & Darrell half price.  They really enjoyed the cultural centre, especially learning about the didgeridoo.  We then went to Yorkies Knob to spend the afternoon at the beach.  Stopped at Crystal Cascades on our way home and Brody went for a dip.  It was a little chilly, but he enjoyed it. 

local aboriginal

"You want me to do what with this?"

Stand way behind this one!
Sunday we all took the Kuranda train up the range and spent the day exploring Kuranda.  Kim, Chris, Darrell, and Brody shopped while Scott, the girls and I went into the Butterfly Sanctuary.  We met up for lunch and then we all went into the Bird World.  What an experience that was, from the moment we walked in.  The large Eclectus parrot flew on Scott's shoulder right away.  Then he proceeded to do the same to Darrell.  The bird tried to take the Canadian pin off their back pack and Kim tried to stop him.  He bit her finger hard!! Owww!  There was a wide variety of birds in the enclosure, but Chris was shocked, to say the least, at how large the cassowary was!

train carriage going up

coming out of one of the 15 tunnels carved by hand

All aboard!
Where's the steering wheel?

Sisters at Barron Falls

"Here little butterfly!"
Don't eat my pin!

Eeek he's stuck to my foot!


I have my eye on you!
Now that's one big bird!!

On our way to the sky rail we stopped for a final taste test before leaving Kuranda.  The kids went for ice cream, we went for Mango wine!
How many can I take back to Canada?
We all made our way down on the sky rail enjoying the breathtaking view and exploring the discovery centers and look outs at the 2 stops.  Each time we stopped, we switched who rode together in the cable cars. 
Going down!

Nice view of the Barron Falls from the other side

Darby & Cindy at first look out
Monday they dropped us off at school and took our car to the zoo.  Kim was given some lessons earlier and so was about to try it on their own.  After school we went to Trinity Beach for snags, chicken kabobs, Black Forest Tim Tams and refreshments.  It was a beautiful night on the beach and Brody even went for a swim.
Ready yet?

Which way to the beach?

Did you see that croc?
Tuesday Kim and Chris dropped us off at school again and then went to Hartley's Crocodile Adventure.  Scott and Darrell took a rental car early this morning up to Port Douglas for a fishing trip.  Kim and Chris came back to the school around 2:00 to visit each of the kids classes and mine, to deliver Canadian pennies, stickers, & treats.  They took the Gale kids home after school and I stayed for my staff meeting.  Scott & Darrell picked me up on their way back through.  Chris got an opportunity to drive today as well, as we went to pick up Brody from his field hockey practice.  Walked to the Red Beret for supper, another great meal, it's becoming a favourite place for us.

Darrell hand line fishing

starting off small

What a catch!

This Spanish Mackerel is more like it!
Within walking distance from home
Wednesday & Thursday Kim, Darrell, and Chris drove their car rental up to the Tablelands and to Undara for the night.  They had an sunset tour booked and a tour of the lava caves the next day.  They stayed in the carriage cars like we did over night.

Thursday they got back around 5:00 pm.  I took them to the Cairns Night Zoo for the evening.  We had a delicious supper before walking through the zoo guided by our torches.  We were educated & introduced to a cane toad, a bandicoot, koala and an owl.  We then walked through the koala house, then the reptile house to see a couple of snakes.  We strolled over to the crocs, but they weren't too active tonight as it is winter you know! (only 25 degrees)  Our highlight was feeding the kangaroos carrots and apples around the campfire.  Then we had Billy Tea and damper (Aussie banik), before enjoying some local music, dancing and drinks.  Our final animal on our way out was the wombat.
Only APPLES from me!

Such gentle eaters

Bandicoot or rat?
Now that's a big wombat! (rat)

Friday our guests headed out to the Great Barrier Reef for the day.  They had a great day snorkeling the reef and touching the fish.  After supper Brody & I took Kim and Chris to the night market.  They shopped lots, I'm sure that Australia's economy spiked while they were here!

Chill-axing at home
Saturday we picked up some groceries and then off to watch Brody's field hockey game.  He went in the box, as goalie for the first time during second half.  We stopped at Rusty's Market and then the esplanade for their family day activities.   Hailey and Darby played 3 holes of miniature golf, then of course Hailey got her face painted.  Scott and Brody met up with us as they stopped at the Rock Show down town.  Brody has really shown a great interest in gems and stones since we've been in Oz. 
Had a great lunch at 'Grill'd', another favourite as they do wheat free buns.  I had my first burger with an egg on it.  Very filling.
Brody in blue

Nice Rock.  No you can't bring it home!
Our favorite gelato place on the esplanade, 'Vanillas'.

Boys night out as they headed down to watch the Northern Pride Rugby league game.  Jason, from across the street, had tickets and a special treat for Brody.  Brody and Josh ran the team out onto the field at the beginning of the game.  They announced their names, got autographs and hung out in the locker room before the game.  They all had complimentary drinks and food as they were in the VIP seating.
In the locker room

Sunday Hailey had an early tennis tournament, our guests came to watch her play her last game.  Then we went to the Tanks market for a little while.  Scott & Brody headed off to his field hockey game and we went to Holloways beach to relax for the afternoon.  Scott & Brody met us there after his game.  Kids dug in the sand and Hailey swam and played on her board.  Back home for Spanish Mackerel supper, the fish they caught!  We had birthday cake to celebrate Scott's early 50th birthday, so he could get THE shirt and sign it.  Then they could take it back to Canada for the next 50th.

I'm ready, your serve.

Relaxing at Holloways Beach

Swim suit calendar pose

Winter at the beach
Huge Prawns!!!

Looking Good!

Monday seemed to come too soon as it was another teary goodbye as we left for school.  Scott drove us to school so he could take Chris, Kim & Darrell, and LUGGAGE to the airport at 1:00.  We had another great visit with family from Canada!!  So glad they came to see us and let us show them a little bit of our world that we have experienced over the last 5 months.


  1. Those prawns look so delicious...cannot believe how big they are. One would make a good meal! Mango wine...hmmm. sounds pretty good too. You guys are sure busy, busy. A rest from all your many guests will sure be welcome. - susan -

  2. I LOVE reading your blog!!!! I am SO happy we came, it was SO much fun!! Awesome hosts!!! Miss you all...see you in 3 1/2 months!!!!
    Love Tina