Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cairns Show July 21

Cairns Show July 21
The schools in and around Cairns actually had a holiday for the Cairns Show, which is a like a small town fair.  The Cairns show was held at the Show grounds near the C.B.D. (central business district) in Cairns for 3 days.  So we decided to go check it out.  Brody went earlier in the day with his friend.

There were carnival rides, games, lots of midway food concessions and items for sale.  The big thing was 'Show Bags', which ranged in price from $10 to $50.  They were plastic bags which had junky toys and lollies (candies) in some, all the way to perfume in others.  In one building they had school art displays and another building with crafts, home made products and even cake decorating.

Our school display
Amazing cake decorating

We enjoyed the 'Fun House' the best and Hailey liked the old fashion distorting mirrors!  Go Figure, Hailey and mirrors!!
Girls having fun

"I look great!"
An agriculture area was set up to see animals and then an area for local business' and items for sale.  There were cars on display, old machinery and tractors as well.
Scott found something of interest too.

Be gentle, that's supper in 2 months!
The centre ring area had different forms of entertainment from monster trucks to equestrian displays throughout the day.
Love the clown mouths


  1. Looks fun!!! I remember the fun house as a kid too.... I loved the mirrors but hated the glass wall maze & the spinning wheel thingy you had to walk through at the end!!!

  2. That looked like a fun way to spend a 50th birthday!! - Susan -