Friday, July 1, 2011

Fishing Experience June

Fishing Experience

Scott made his way to his mates place for a day of fishing.   Captain Kevin took Scott and Rod out in his boat to the Great Barrier Reef for the day.  No rods for this fishing expedition, only hand lines, a first for Scott.  They learnt to pull their catch in quickly as there was a shark in the area that was eating half the fish before they got it on the boat.  Scott caught the "Mother-in-law" fish and threw it back!  He did catch some yummy Red Throat Emporer that we enjoyed the next night.  He returned home close to midnight, a very full day and night of fishing on the reef.  He said the stars were amazing.

heading out for a day on the reef
Eski getting full
Red Throat Emporer?

sunset on the reef

ready for the freezer

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  1. Do I dare ask what the Mother-In-Law fish was???????