Monday, July 4, 2011

AFL game & Centenary Lakes

AFL game & Centenary Lakes - June 25

Watching and learning
We found Watson's Oval and watched the North Cairns (Tigers) and the South Cairns (Cutters) teams play.  AFL has 4 quarters, each 20 minutes long with stop-start clock so about 2 hours in total.  They get 6 points for a goal kicked through the uprights, 1 point if through the smaller uprights on the outside of the larger ones.  The field is oval and very wide with 18 players per side on the field at a time.  It doesn't seem as rough as rugby, but the players can sure jump and kick the ball with such accuracy.  Players are aged 16-36 years old.  The water boys or trainers can walk on and off the field at any time.  The play is almost constant with very little stop time.  To start the game or after a goal, the ball is thrown up like a jump ball for basketball.  The ball is passed forward and they can run with it as well, every now and then they bounce the ball and keep on going.  The ball seems to never stop and they grab it on the run.  I'm sure there is more to it, but that is what I've figured out so far!!
Yellow goal posts

half time break

After the game we walked through Centenary Lakes and played at the playground.  This park is connected to the Botanic Gardens via paths and board walks.
Water droplet on a lily pad
play time
Another new place to discover
Board walk
Walking through the park
AFL Game

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  1. ummmm...ok gotta ask...what is AFL? What does it stand for. Is it Australian something like football here? You know me, not much on games, but just thought I'd ask :)
    - Susan -