Sunday, July 3, 2011

Festival of the Knob - June 11

Festival of the Knob  June 11

Had to go to this one just because of it's name!  It was held at Yorkeys Knob in honour of  George "Yorkey" Lawson.  There were rides, over 80 stalls selling their wares, crafts, food, entertainment and the crowning of the Queen and King Knob.  They had some interesting competitions such as guess the number of mosquitoes in the  net cage.  We enjoyed a few hours wondering around the festival.
Hailey got a special braid in her hair, while Darby shopped for a gift for her friends birthday.  Everyone picked something yummy to eat, I got a chicken kabob, Brody got a garlic prawn kabob, Hailey had a Freckle ice cream cone and Darby enjoyed a Frankfurter with cheese.  We watched some musical entertainment and the crowning of the King & Queen Knob, check out their crowns!!
Smiles all around!

New King & Queen Knob crowned

Make & year anyone??

Hailey having a braid threaded into her hair

Love their slogan!


  1. AHAHAHAHAH!!! OMG, that is too funny!!! I bet the jokes were FLYING that day!!! Wish we could have been there!!!!

  2. I love the cute
    - Susan -