Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park - March 19

By 9:00 Saturday morning we are getting our arms painted with an aboriginal design.  Then we were off to learn about the didgeridoo journey.  We learnt how to play the didgeridoo and how it was made from a hollowed out white gum tree.  Termites hollow out the tree and then beeswax is used to seal the mouth piece once it is cut.  It was amazing to listen to the beautiful sounds it made as we watched a slide show of pictures of the rain forest.

 Then we watched a theatre show with holographic images about the spiritual and traditional beliefs of the Tjapukai people.  Tjapukai means rain forest.  Hailey got to dance with the Tjapukai Dance Troupe doing traditional corroborees and songs.  We also witnessed them starting a fire by rubbing 2 sticks together.  Our last presentation was on the hunting and tools the men of the Tjapukai used and the bush food and medicine the women used.  We learnt about the spears, spear throwers, boomerangs and knives.  Unfortunately due to the damages caused by the cyclone we were unable to go outside and try to throw a boomerang and a spear.  We will go back in a few weeks to give it a try considering Brody bought a boomerang!
A very informative day that we all enjoyed.  Darby will get an opportunity to return with her class on an excursion next month.

entrance into Tjapukai

aboriginal playing the didgeridoo

aboriginal art

T Dance Troupe

starting a fire

Hailey performing with the dance group
 Later that afternoon we went to Crystal Cascades.  We actually hiked all the way to the top before going for a swim.

our aboriginal tattoos

Crystal cascades

walking to the top

so much water right now

sideways view!

all enjoying the water


  1. Hmmmmm...intersting as always. didn't find Brodyin that picture? Was he hiding behind a rock or buried in the sand...hopefully you managed to get to find him and he is now with you again :) We are expecting a visit from the Prime Minister here today in Beaumont, he will be at one of the elementary schools, but I will be busy visiting with Caydence and Randy...cannot be everywhere!
    I love looking at your pictures and knowing that you are actually enjoying the water and sand on behalf of us.
    Best get on with my day...take care...Susan

  2. Looks awesome!! Lots of great traditions to learn about...can't wait!! LOVE the tattoos!!!!!